April 26, 2008

Cosby Cavins

I ran across this document this week at the local library...

This is the Certificate of Death for Cosby Cavins (Dad's Grandmother). It lists her parents as George Bailey and Martha Hawkins, both born in Virginia. It indicates that she died of TB on Feb. 5, 1915 at the age of 35.

The Elisha Hawkins who provided the information on the certificate and served as 'Undertaker' was probably a cousin. The certificate lists her 'Place of Burial or Removal' as Jesses Br. This would be the little cemetery that Dad, Luci, Jeff and others visited a few years ago. Dad says that both Cosby and her mother, Martha are buried there, along with several more Hawkins relatives.


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Luci said...

I really enjoyed hiking up the mountain to that old grave yard. It was a really special day. You could feel the spirit of the people who had lived there and how tough they must have been. I would really like to go again but don't know if Dad is up to it and doubt we could find it without him.