June 25, 2008

Potter Reunion

This month's issue of the Kentucky Explorer magazine contains an announcement for the Potter Family Reunion coming up in August...

I'm sure that Ted is already planning to attend so he can meet and get reacquainted with many of his cousins, and maybe even an uncle or aunt or two.

Luci should consider attending  too.  She just might meet more of her  'In-Laws'... and some of her cousins, and maybe even an uncle or aunt or two.

Ted and Luci sure are making our family tree complicated.  Since Dad and Ted are 4th Cousins, as I understand the Cousin Chart, Ted and Luci are then 4th Cousins-once-removed.  I start to get really confused when it comes to Chris and Pat.  Are they just brothers or are they also Double 4th Cousins-once-removed?   Or is it twice removed?  Is a Double 4th Cousin the same as a 2nd Cousin? 

It's all too complicated for me.  I definitely think Ted and Luci need to attend this reunion and get their whole branch of the family tree down on paper.


Jeff said...

I do believe someone somewhere should be removed. What a mind teaser that is. I have never understood the removed part. Either you are there or you aren't. Why would you be removed?
Maybe you would want to be removed. Or maybe someone would want you removed. I am still scraching my head on this one. Oh and if I am once removed how and I be twice removed. If i was already removed souldn't i be brought back at some point.You know. Once removed, twice inserted. three times removed, twice reinserted. My head is really starting to hurt now. I think i will go insert myself in to the bed. I know Dad will call me at 5:30 AM and remove me from it Sunday morning. This would be somthing like 1000 times I have been removed from it by dad. No matter I still love hearing his and mom's voice. No matter what time it is.

Luci said...

Yes, I definitely want to be removed, once, twice, three times, or as many times as possible.