October 7, 2008

Trick Photography

Michelle sent me this photo of the Schell Family recently.  It is supposed to be from 50 years or more ago.  What I can't figure out is...how did Justin get right there in the middle of the photo?

Click on the photo to view a larger version.

Michelle will have to let us know who everyone is in the picture.


Michelle said...

Oliver, Jims daddy, is on the left in the white shirt. I am guessing he is about 14 or so.

Aunt Jeff said...

What a neat picture. And yes that does look like Jut in the middle. I love old pictures.

Luci said...

What a good looking family. I can see why Wanda fell for Oliver. He was sharp. I really wish we had taken a family picture. Maybe someday one of us can somehow put one together.