May 7, 2009

Mommy’s Memories

When Luci was here in March she got Mom to talking about how things were when she and Dad first got married.  Here are a couple of memories that Mom shared;

When Mom and Dad first married, Uncle Miles and Aunt Ida lived across the river near where the old swinging bridge was. 

In the summer they would get in a small row boat and go visit them and fish a while on the way.  When Clyde was a baby they took him along.
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Once they went to church and left Clyde with Uncle Jennings and Maw’line.  Mom had put the little stoppers under the nipples of the bottles she left for him. Maw’line didn’t know about them. Clyde screamed for three hours while sucking on those bottles. 
That was the only time that Maw’line ever kept Clyde.