April 1, 2008

About This Site

The Who, What, Where, When and Why of Diggin' Up Bones....


The people found in the postings here will be ancestors or relatives of the families that frequent the StalkerClan. There will be quite a bit of information about the ADKINS, JUSTICE and LOONEY families because there have been books written about them. I hope to find some information on the many other families that we call relatives. A list of surnames for this site could grow quite long and may someday include BAILEY, CHARLES, CHILDERES, FARMER, HAWKINS, HERRING, JONES, MARRS, MATNEY, MULLINS, PHILLIPS, POTTER, RATLIFF, SMITH, WALKER and many more.


I am mostly interested in stories about our ancestors lives, where and how they lived, what they did for a living, any historic events they took part in or witnessed, their triumphs and their tragedies. I will include genealogical data when I find it and will try to give credit to the researcher who compiled it. Personally though, I am not so much interested in the date someone was born and the date he died as I am in what happened between those two dates.


Here, of course. I am also trying to compile separate data pages for some of the families on our family tree. I am maintaining an index to the currently available family pages at Diggin' Up Bones - Family Pages.


Oh, ... whenever. Whenever I find something interesting. Whenever I find the time. Actually, I would like to be able to post at least one story a week, that would allow us to do something I'll talk about in the last paragraph.


Because I got interested in this stuff and found a lot of interesting information available on the Internet and...


OK, I know some of these stories would fit on the SeriouslyLooney site, in fact the first few are some I copied from there. I still want to try to get away from Zoomshare if I can though. I would like to turn the SchellShocked site over to Michelle someday, even though she seems to have gotten hooked on MySpace. I hope someday to have enough stories to be able to turn them into a book like was done with 'Remember When' and 'When Its Family'. If we can come up with about one story a week, and if Luci will someday retire and help me, we could maybe put a book together in about five years, maybe ten. Having the stories on a separate website will make that a lot easier to do.


Anonymous said...

I found some things while looking for my camera manual last night. I found the big picture of Maw Rachel's brother who drownd (that I swore I didn't have). I have a copy of the material Willie gave us several years ago on the Looneys and a copy of some information on Stalkers from Charles Stalker who lives in Shelbyville. I also found an unopened Family Tree Maker software package. I'll try to bring all this stuff to you WildFlower Weekend. This looks good and I think it is a good idea to keep it all separate.

Anonymous said...

I really enjlyed reading about our ancestors. They must have had a really tough time. I know that is why dad is to tough. He had to be. We are a bunch of whimps next to them. Thanks for all the hard work brother. The pictures sure are something to think about. I wonder if 100 years from now, if our ancestors will be looking at your book saying the same thing about us.

Unknown said...

How about Gilbert Looney who is listed as either a foster child or an adopted child? He married Parthena Martin.