September 22, 2008

Family Resemblance

In a previous post I mentioned Randy Ratliff's ancestor, Winright Adkins 1837 and how he was related to Jennie's ancestor, another Winright Adkins 1825.  The following is information on the family of Randy's ancestor:

Winright ADKINS was born 1837  in Pike County, Kentucky, and died 1918.  He was buried in Winright Adkins Cemetery, Pike Co, Kentucky. He was the son of Winston ADKINS and Hannah COLEMAN.
Louisa EPLING was born 10 JAN 1845 in Pike County, Kentucky, and died 1 FEB 1927  in Pike County, Kentucky. She was buried in Winright Adkins Cemetery, Pike Co, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Zebekiah EPLING.
Children of Louisa EPLING and Winright ADKINS are:   
  1. Perry ADKINS. He married Mero ABSHIRE. 
  2. Tom ADKINS. He married Lillie BARTLEY. 
  3. Floy ADKINS. He married Laura BARTLEY. 
  4. John H. ADKINS. He married Libbie COLEMAN. 
  5. Jim ADKINS. He married Bessie THORNSBURY. (Randy Ratliff's Great Grandparents) 
  6. Alcie ADKINS. She married David COX, son of John COX and Amanda Judy ADKINS. He was born 1863 in Pike County, Kentucky. 
  7. Clarinda Addie ADKINS was born 1871 in Pike County, Kentucky, and died 14 DEC 1897 in Pike County, Kentucky. She married William Drayton KENDRICK 10 DEC 1891 in Pike Co, Ky, son of Joseph Browning KENDRICK and Charity HART. He was born 5 DEC 1865 in Russell Co, Virginia, and died 4 AUG 1945 in Greasy Creek, Pike Co, KY. 
  8. Laura ADKINS died 1910 in Pike County, Kentucky. She married McCelland JUSTICE. 
  9. Ida ADKINS. She married Ol COLEMAN 21 APR 1898 in Pike Co, KY. He was born 7 OCT 1876  in Pike County, Kentucky, and died 14 JUL 1955 in Pike County, Kentucky. 
  10. Hannah ADKINS. She married Andy LONG. 
  11. Dulcie ADKINS. She married Crit MAY. He was born 3 MAY 1886, and died 9 JAN 1968.
  12. Meshac ADKINS.

While searching around the Internet for more information on this family, I ran across a page with Dulcie Adkins and Crit May's Family Photos. Dulcie was the younger sister of Jim Adkins and would have been Randy's Great Aunt.  Here are a few of the photos from that web-page:
This is Dulcie at age eight.  Does she remind you of any of the guinea girls or guinea grandkids?

Here is Dulcie four years later.  Any resemblance now to anyone you know?

One more before we quit.  This is a gathering of Crit May's family in 1930.  Does the young lady in the upper left look like anyone you know?


Michelle said...

Is your thought of Crystal?

Amber aka Loyd said...

Happy birthday to me!! Not only did the venear pop off of my tooth tonight. Now mom informs me that the lady in the second picture looks EXACTLY like me. The one with the long slumping arms, the long miserable frown and and the "Mom" hair-do. Thanks Mom!! Also, Dustin informed me that i now look like Loyd Christmas off of "Dumb and Dumber".

Kill me now!!

Michelle said...

I think she lookds like Crystal, can anyone else see it?

Unknown said...

Looking for something on Alvin Ratliff people called him Shine and Family he was my grandpa, he had one arm and was always around Elkhorn City KY. area