March 18, 2009

Looney Family Traits

I've ran across these Looney Family Traits on a couple of different websites. Thought you might enjoy them...

Militant......A Looney will fight; they have been in every war from Marlboro in Flanders (1689) to Korea. They feud and fight among themselves when there are no wars.
Clannish......Like English Royalty - they marry among themselves; cousins marry cousins; brothers marry girls who are sisters, until whole neighborhoods and school districts become populated by relatives of relatives.
Snobbish......Looneys who have money never claim kin with poor relations.
Stingy......"A Looney will skin a gnat for its hide and tallow."
Contrary......"A Looney will run through a briar patch rather than walk around it, then cuss it for being there."

These sound pretty accurate to me. I think I saw a mason jar about half full of gnat tallow the last time I was in Mom and Dad's basement. I don't know what she does with the hides after she gets them tanned and dried.


Michelle said...

That seems accurate to me as well!!

Luci said...

Guess you haven't noticed how many purses Mom has.