April 15, 2007

David Coleman 1875

( Aunt Hula's Grandfather )

Born: July 10,1875 in KY
Died: June 19, 1933
Father: Riley Coleman
Mother: Lucy Ramey

David married
Mary THACKER Sept. 13, 1894 in Pike Co, KY
Born: Nov. 8, 1874 at Upper Pompey Creek
Died: Mar. 16, 1908

David and Mary had the following children:

  • Ella Victoria Coleman b. Apr.24, 1896; d.Jan.30, 1974; m. Oct.31,1912 Peter Daniels b.Jan.26, 1886; d. Aug. 30, 1979. Son of Sam Daniels and Elizabeth Adkins. Ella and Peter resided at Raccoon Creek and later moved to Louisville, KY.

  • Riley Coleman ( Aunt Hula's father ) b. Sept. 29, 1897; d. Sept. 26, 1967; m. Dec. 25, 1924 Carrie Adkins b. Sept.11, 1905; d. Oct. 16, 1993. Daughter of Hayse Adkins and Martha Justice. Riley and Carrie resided on Russell Fk. of Big Sandy River, near Daniels Creek.

  • Green Coleman b. Dec. 4, 1900. Died during the influenza epidemic of 1918.

  • George Coleman b.Oct.30,1902;d.Jan.4,l991; m.Feb. 10, 1933 Bertha Thacker b. Sept. 15,1911; d. Feb. 4, 2000. Daughter of Elisha Thacker and Anna Kendrick. George and Bertha resided at Raccoon Creek where they owned and operated a country store.

  • Anthony Coleman b. Mar. 26, 1905; d. Apr. 26, 1982; m. Sept. 16, 1926 Bessie Justice b. Nov. 8, 1905; d. Aug. 1, 1983. Daughter of Albert Justice and Dorcas Thacker. Anthony and Bessie resided at Upper Pompey Creek, and later moved to Ratliffs Creek.


SOURCE: "THACKERS OF PIKE COUNTY KENTUCKY" by Glen Adkins & Paul Chaney Mary Thacker was born Nov. 8, 1874 at Upper Pompey Creek. She was married at her parents home, on Sept. 13, 1894, to David (Dave)Coleman. He was born July 10,1875, a son of Riley Coleman and Lucy Ramey. Mary and Dave resided at Upper Pompey Creek, where they became the parents of five children. Dave supported his family by farming and logging. He and Mary attended the Primitive Baptist Church. Mary died Mar. 16, 1908 at the age of thirty-three, and was buried in the Coleman Family Cemetery at Lower Pompey Creek. When her father died in 1913, Dave paid a sum of one hundred dollars to Florina (Riney) and Bill Coleman, Elisha and Nancy Jane Thacker, Hibbard and Maggie Thacker, Isaac and Darcus Thacker, and Sophia and George Daniels for Mary's part of the estate. It was lot number three located on Upper Pompey Ck., next to the Nathaniel Coleman farm. On Nov. 20, 1914, he purchased an additional tract from Isaac and Darcus Thacker, for a sum of twenty- five dollars.

Dave was remarried Sept. 30, 1909, to Eliza Blackburn, and lived until June 19, 1933. Before his death, he had requested to be buried beside Mary in the Coleman Family Cemetery, but Eliza had him buried in the Blackburn Family Cemetery on Levisa Fork. Thirty-one years later, when this area became part of the Fishtrap Reservoir, and all the bodies were taken up and relocated for reinterment, David and Mary's children had his remains placed in the Coleman Cemetery beside their mother, for his final resting place.

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