April 23, 2007

John Looney 1827

( Clyde's G-G-Grandfather )

Born:   ca 1827 in Buchanan County, VA.
Died:    1890 in Pike County, KY.
Father:  Joseph Looney
Mother:  Ruthie Shortridge

John married (1st)
Mary Ann CHILDRESS (CHILDERS)  November 30, 1848.
Born:   1832 in Kentucky
Died:    March 27, 1853
Father:   Flemon Childers
Mother:  Charity Matney

John and Mary Ann had the following children:

John married (2nd)
Emeretta ROWE   October 6, 1853.
Died:    Abt. 1870

John and Emeretta had the following children:

  • Polly J. Looney

  • Sarah E. Looney: Married: George Washington Ramey Pike County KY.

  • Madison Looney

  • Henderson Looney

  • Malinda Looney

  • Miles D. Looney

  • William H. Looney

  • Spotford Hickman Looney

  • Gilbert Looney (foster son?)

John married (3rd)
Elizabeth JACKSON   May 15, 1872.

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

  • Ulysses Preston Looney

  • Alex H. Looney

  • Walter Solomon Looney

  • James G. Jackson (Stepson)



Pike County Census Data provides a few glimpses at John Looney’s household.

1850 Census of Pike County KY:

John Looney   age 23              born in VA
Mary A.             age 18               born in KY
Joseph               age 9 mo.         born in VA


1870 Census of Pike County KY:

JOHN LOONEY        age 42       born 1827 in VA
Children all Born in KY

Joseph                        age 21
Sarah E.                      age 15
Malinda E                  age 14
Madison F.                age 13
Henderson                age 11
Sarah H.                     age   7
Henry H.                    age   6
Miles D                        age   5
William H.                 age   4
Spotford H                age   6 mo.

( NOTE: Emeretta is not listed, she may
have died in childbirth or afterward in
1870 with son Spotford )


1880 Census of Pike County KY:

John Looney                   age 53
Elizabeth Looney          age 32
Miles D Looney              age 15
William H. Looney        age 12
Spotford H.                      age 10
James G. Jackson          age 10 (stepson)
Ulysses P. Looney          age   7
Alexander Looney        age   4
Walter                                 age   1


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