April 15, 2007

William Justice 1625

( Clyde's G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Grandfather )

Born:   1625 in South Hampton, London, England
Died:    February 03, 1663/64 in Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia

William married
Mary FRAME 1646, Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia
Born:   1635 in Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia
Died:    June 03, 1673 in Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia
Father:  Capt. Frame
Mother:  Ann Frame

William and Mary had the following children:

      • RALPH JUSTICE, b. 1655, Weynoke Parish, Charles City County, Virginia; d. 1729.

      • JOHN JUSTICE, b. 1656, Westover Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia; d. 1715, Charles City Co, Virginia.

      • JUSTINIAN JUSTICE, b. 1660, Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Virginia; d. 1720.

Occupation: Member of the "House of Burgesses", Ship Owner "EDWARD" of Bristol, England, and Indentured Servent Manager.

Property: April 26, 1656, James City, Va 1190 Acres (Kittawon Plantation) of land for Importa'con of persons. Later transcribed into Charles City, Va.  House is in National Register of Historic Homes.

Kittiewan 12104 Weyanoke Road

The original property where Kittiewan is sited was given by Chief Opechancanough, half-brother and successor of Chief Powhatan, to Virginia Governor George Yeardley in 1617. At that time, the plantation consisted of over 1,000 acres and was known to native Americans as Kenwan. It now encompasses 700 acres.

The core of the 1 1/2 story colonial plantation house of heart pine was built before 1728. The extraordinary paneling in the main drawing room is considered to be comparable to any of the best in the country.

Several families have occupied Kittiewan. About 1640, William Justice, an active member of the House of Burgesses at Jamestown, acquired Kittiewan and it remained in the Justice family until 1768 when Dr. William Rickman bought the plantation. Dr. Rickman was elected Director and Chief Physician of the hospitals in Virginia by the Contintental Congress in 1776, a position he held until 1780. Most recently, Kittiewan was the home of Wilma and Bill Cropper, both of whom are now deceased.  The property is now held by the Archaeological Society of Virginia.


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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this site this is amazing william is my ggggg grand dad.please if possible some one send me some more info on him .... robby justice of pike county ky, luannjustice@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

8. JOHN4 JUSTICE (JOHN3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born 1725 in Charles City County, VA, and died 1803 in Traveller's Rest, SC. He married MARY SLOAN in Halifax County, VA.

John JUSTICE was born in 1725 in Charles City Co, Virginia. He had an estate probated on 28 Aug 1751 in John Justice built a water grist mill for William Wilson, and same is not properly built. Augusta Co. He Probate 2nd in Apr 1760 in John Justice Jr. being guilty of profanely swearing 2 oaths is fined.. He served in the military between 1777 and 1780 in North/South Carolinia. Drum and Fife Corps. Revolutionary War Pension #W9092. In famous picture "Spirit of 76" with Simeon Justice Jr. (Drummer Boy) of Fort Rutledge. Also served in Captain Tutts South Carolina Volunteers. He died in 1803 in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

Patrick J said...
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Patrick J said...

Descendants of William Justice (1625-1664)

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Timothy Yates said...

Mine came from the descendants of Sarah Justice and Gabriel Parsons. My grandfather William Jackson Parsons of Missouri was Sarah Justice Parsons' great, great grandson.