March 25, 2010

Republic Steel Workers

Here is another of the old photos I found…
Click to view full size.
This is a gathering of men who worked for the Republic Steel Mine on Road Creek.  They are at the fish ponds on Elkhorn Creek.  Dad is easy to find, he is in the dark shirt, fourth from the right in the row of men standing.  Uncle Teet is in there too.  He is also standing, fourth from the left. 
I can recognize a coupe of the other men.  I’m pretty sure that is Vinton Thacker ( Roger, Butch and Tina’s dad ) standing on the left end.  Lee Robinson is kneeling in the front, right above the word ‘Workers’.
We need to get Dad to identify the rest of them for us.


Perry F Farmer said...

The sixth face from the right of the standing men is Perry Welford Farmer,my father. I hadn't seen this picture for some time, actually had forgotten about it.

PikeCoHELP said...

Frank M Coleman of Wolfpit, Pike County is the first man standing on the left.