April 15, 2007

Henry Adkins 1730

( Jennie's G_G_G_G_G_Grandfather )

Born:  1730 in Goochland County, Virginia
Died:   ab. 1806
Father: William V. Adkins
Mother:  Elizabeth Parker

Henry married
Rachel HOUCHINS on 20 Jan 1756 in Goochland County, Virginia
Born:   ab. 1730
   Edward Houchins

Henry and Rachel had the following children:

      • Bartlett ADKINS was born on 19 Dec 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia.  He resided between 1815 and 1820 in Cabell County, Virginia.
      • Maseby ADKINS was born on 29 Sep 1758 in Halifax County, Virginia. 
      • Jessee ADKINS was born on 12 Mar 1762 in Halifax County, Virginia.
      • Winright Adkins was born 1775 and died 1854.

Henry ADKINS was born in 1730 in Goochland County, Virginia. Henry married Rachel Houchins on 20 Jan 1756 in Goochland County, Virginia, USA. At the time of his marriage, Henry lived, along with the rest of his family, in the Pigg River area of Halifax (Pittsylvania 1767, Henry 1776, and Franklin, as today in 1785) County, Virginia.

There are many records of Henry especially in Pittsylvania. These records (mostly land transactions) of Henry and Rachel clearly prove his relationship to his brother, Parker, and to their father, William Sr. One of the records that clearly proves his relationship is -- 15 Mar. 1773 Henry sold fifty acres to Samuel Calland (Pittsylvania deed book 4 pages 343-344). In this record, it is stated "...it being the land the said Henry now lives on which he bought of his brother, Parker, ... and boundaries will more fully appear by his deed he had from his father William Adkins, Sr."

As Rachel and Henry were selling their land in the Pigg River area of Pittsylvania in 1773 it is believed they were preparing to move to Fincastle (Montgomery 1777, Giles 1806) County to join his brothers. It is known that Henry was in Montgomery in 1791 as he and Parker were granted exemptions from county taxes because of "age and infirmities".

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