April 15, 2007

William V. Adkins 1689

( Jennie's G-G-G-G-G-G-Grandfather )

William V. ADKINS
Born:  28 Mar 1689 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia, USA
Died:   after 1753

William married
Elizabeth PARKER on 17 Jan 1716 in St. John's Church, Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia.
Born:  about 1695 in Charles City, Henrico County, Virginia
  after 1740
Father:  Richard Parker

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

      • Richard Adkins was born 1717.

      • Parker V. Adkins was born about 1720 in Machumps Creek, Henrico Parrish (Goochland) County, Virginia USA. He died 1792 in Montgomery County, Virginia, USA.

      • William Adkins II was born 1721. He died 15 Mar 1784 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA.

      • Joseph Adkins was born about 1723 in Henrico County, Virginia, USA.

      • Jacob Adkins was born 1725 in Henrico County, Virginia, USA. He died 1791 in Henrico County, Virginia, USA.

      • Sherwood Adkins "Sherrod" was born 1728 in Goochland County, Virginia, USA.

      • Henry Adkins was born 1730 and died about 1806.

      • Mary Adkins was born 5 Sep 1735 in Goochland County, Virginia, USA.

William and Elizabeth Parker Adkins and family moved westward in 1740 to what is now Franklin County, Virginia. (This area was part of Brunswick County in 1740 then Lunengery County in 1746, then Halifax County in 1752, then Pittsylvania County in 1767, to Hendry County in 1776 and now, finally, Franklin County since 1785.)

This move westward was part of the white man's first penetration across the Blue Ridge Mountains. They lived in the Snow Creek District on the Harping and Story Creeks on the Pigg River. William became a land owner/farmer then changed occupations by becoming a mill operator. (Mill operating became a family profession.) The deaths of William and Elizabeth Parker Adkins aren't clear, Elizabeth disappears after 1740 and William disappears after 1753 in Franklin County, Virginia. Their exact death dates are unknown.

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Unknown said...

Part of my Adkins family was down the William/Richard line. It was nice to get this information.

Unknown said...

Info seems incorrect as birthdates of children of William and Elizabeth Parker Adkins are in the same date range as their mother Elizabeth. Any corrections to add?

Unknown said...

Sorry, misread statement abt marriage as birth. Everything good. Thanks so much.

Melissa Humphrey said...

I am researching the Parker Adkins line. Parker is my 6 x's Great Grandfather, and I descend from Parker through my Great Grandmother Nettie Adkins (I have pictures of her, if you'd like to see them). Per my aunt (who researched for 35 years), Elizabeth's mother was known by the name of Mitha. I've also read that Mitha was either 1/2 or Full Native American. Her father could possibly be Straight Tail Meaurroway Opessa and her mother may be a Pekowi woman. Also, there is a rumor that she is Tecumseh's aunt. Which makes things weirder, because there's another story that "Big Nancy" or known as White Wing, married Elijah Adkins, son of Parker, and left him, for Tecumseh, and she was killed with Tecumseh during a fight or battle with the European settlers.

I am looking into this, but it is so hard to completely prove (or disprove). I know many stories of Native American ancestry are not true. But I wanted to add this, as my aunt thought this worthy of adding to her (meticulous) tree. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us, but her papers are, and I am trying to track down the cousin who has them. Hopefully, I can track her notes down, and find what I need to prove/disprove this claim.

William Doss said...

When William Adkins settled on the Pigg River in the 1740s, he had not crossed the Blue Ridge mountains. He was still approximately 35 miles east of the Blue Ridge. In that terrain, it would have been taken William Adkins nearly four days from where he settled just to reach the crest of the Blue Ridge. Where he settled, near the current village of Snow Creek, was near the foot of Turkey Cock Mountain, a monadnock separate and distinct from the Blue Ridge. Many of his descendants still live in the vicinity.

Doug Couch said...

Although often cited as born in Virginia, many cite William as born in England, or otherwise use the birthdate (28 March 1689) from a William born in England as son of John Adkins/Atkins & Elizabeth Bromsall (often given as Bromwell). I've become aware of church records for this John & Elizabeth and their children's baptisms including William's. First John, then Elizabeth as widow, and later William as orphan, all died in England, with William dying in 1704 around age 15-16. These records do not 100% disprove that parentage and lineage, but does indicate strongly that this English William is not William V of Virginia as often assumed, and that John & Elizabeth (Bromsall) Adkins/Atkins are not William V's parents. I've created a PDF file with the timeline of this English family, including images of the church record pages as excerpts from "Bedfordshire Parish Records, [vol] VI [for] Sandy [and] Little Barford [communities]". Also included is a TOC and legend from the original file (which is almost 1000 pages). Each person's event listed gives the full date. I can be contacted at couchdouglas@aol.com for a copy of the PDF if desired.