April 22, 2007

John G. Farmer 1796

( Clyde's G-G-G-Grandfather )

Born:   Abt 1796 in GRAYSON CO.VA
Died:    Aft 11 Jun 1880 in Pike Co.KY

John married (1st)
Tabitha KEE  April 27, 1821 in Grayson Co.,Va.,by Rev. Jonathan Thomas
Born:   Bet 1800/1810 in VA.
Died:    Bef. 1848.

John and Tabitha had the following children:

  • Burdine FARMER b: Abt 1815 in Grayson Co.,VA.(possibly the son of Tabitha’s  first husband William Kee, raised by John).

  • Unknown Daughter FARMER b: Abt 1815/1820 in Grayson Co.,VA.(Probably daughter of  Tabitha & first Husband).

  • Elizabeth FARMER b: Abt 1828 in Russell Co,VA.

  • Sarah A. FARMER b: Abt 1830 in Russell Co,VA.

  • James FARMER b: Abt 1833 in Russell Co,VA.

  • Osmond L. (Auss) FARMER b: Abt 1835/1836 in Russell Co.VA.(per 1850 census).

  • Catherine J. FARMER b: Abt 1839/1840 in Russell Co. VA.

  •  John A. FARMER b: Abt 1837 in Russell Co,VA.

  • Martha FARMER b: 1842 in Russell Co,VA.

John married (2nd)
Sarah A. BAKER Bet 1848/1849 in RUSSELL CO.,VIRGINIA
Born:   1819 in TENNESEE

John and Sarah had the following children:

  • Lilburn FARMER b: 18 Jan 1847 in Russell Co.VA.

  • David FARMER b: Abt 1852 in Russell Co,VA.(Wise Co.).

  • Andrew FARMER b: Abt 1855 in Wise Co.,VA.

  • Martha FARMER b: April 7,1857 in Wise Co.,VA.

  • Cynthia FARMER b: Aug.16, 1859 in Wise Co.VA. (per 1860 Wise Co.census)

  • Virginia Jane FARMER b: Abt 1865/1866 in Wise Co.,VA.


This John Farmer stayed in Russell Co.VA., census through 1850. He then is in Wise Co.,VA., in 1860.  In 1870-1880 he is in Pike Co.,KY., and dies there.

John married first Tabitha Kee in Grayson Co.,VA.  Tabitha probably was the widow of William Kee in 1820 Grayson Co.,VA.,census.  After she died he married Sarah A. (Sally) Baker in Russell Co.,VA.  John had children by both wives.

In the 1870 Census of Pike County KY, John G., Sarah, Catherine, Cynthia, Andrew and Virginia are listed in District 3, House No. 79.


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Lori said...

I am a descendant of Burdine Farmer. I hit a wall trying to find out if I am a Farmer...or am I a Kee/McKee? It was neat seeing one of my ancestors, blood or adopted, on your blog.

Lori said...

Oh, yes, and my grandmother is a Ratliff.

Anonymous said...

Still looking for further information re: Tabitha Kee actual heritage. Any Farmer's out there that know? Cindy Owens JCOWens4512@aol.com

Unknown said...

The last thing I found out about Tabitha Kee is that her brothers were William and Arthur (not married to William), and that she may have been originally married to a mulatto man named Dudley Goin. HOWEVER, while I know the first part is probably true because of the dates, I have nothing connecting Dudley and Tabitha other than that there was a marriage record of a Tobitha Kee married to a Dudley Goin, and that is simply not enough for me to go on, yet. When I get back from out of town, I plan on sleuthing more. This may all be old info to you, but I have been out of the loop.

Cynthia Owens said...

I am following the "Unknown" person researching Tabitha Kee and William Kee. I have read the marriage data re" Dudley and Tabitha, but I am still looking for her Maiden name. The intersting part of all of it is that there is a Burdine "Farmer" born and went with Tabitha and John Farmer after their marriage in 1821 in Grayson CO., Va. Are you getting the same in your reseach? JCOwens4512@aol.com

Cynthia Owens said...

Any update on the Kee families who married into the John Farmer family of Russell County, Va.?

chibiinu said...

I'm interested in the Kee/Ker family as well - I'm suppose to be from Tabitha and Dudley - chibiinu@aol.com

Laura Farmer said...

I'm also descended from Burdine Farmer and Tabitha Kee. Two of John and Tabithas children list Tabitha's maiden name on death certificates as Kee and Keens. I'm not convinced she is the sister of William and Arthur or the same Tabitha Kee that married Dudly Goin. I cannot find any birth or death records for Tabitha or Burdine. I would really like to find just one record that would indicate her date of birth, death, other marriage...anything. Anyone have any more info?