April 22, 2007

John A. FARMER 1837

( Clyde's Great Great Grandfather )

Born:   ABT 1837 in Russell Co,VA. 
Died:    April 24, 1912 in Pike Co, KY.  [COD]
Father:  John G. Farmer
Mother:  Tabitha Kee

John married
Mary “Polly” MULLINS (BRYANT)  on 25 APR 1861 in Pike Co. KY . 
Born:   ABT 1847 in KY.
Father:   Marshall Mullins ( Bryant)
Mother:  Polly Vanover

John and Mary had the following children:

  • Savilla Farmer born 1863 in Kentucky; married Franklin Rose.

  • Arty Farmer born December 1865 in Kentucky, died 11/7/1937. She had 4 children, 2 still living at her death. She joined the Samaria ORB Church ca 1910. 

  • Rebecca Farmer born  October 1872 in Kentucky (1900 Pike County, Kentucky
    Census); issue: Samuel Farmer born April 1890 Kentucky.

  • Marshall B. A. Farmer born April 1873 in Kentucky; married (1)  Virginia (surname not learned) and (2) Liddie (surname not learned).

  • America J. Farmer born 1876 in Kentucky.

  • Bethena Farmer born January 1877 in Kentucky; married 1894 E. S. (Shird) Rowe born October 26, 1872  in Kentucky.  d: Oct 31 1957, son of Charley and Katy Rowe;   7 boys 2 girls, 5 deceased, leaving, Lonza, Linza, Fred, and Jim; Member of the Old Regular Baptist Church.

  • Mary Farmer born October, 29, 1880 in Kentucky; married George Stalker.

  • John Farmer Jr. born September 1881 in Kentucky: died February 10, 1950 in Pikeville, Pike County, KY. [COD]

  • Merida Farmer born July 1884 in Kentucky; died July 30, 1912 in Pike County, KY. [COD].

  • Rosa Francis Farmer born May 1887 in Kentucky;  married Rufus HACKNEY, the son of Alex Hackney; 3 girls 4 boys; 2 died in infancy. Member of the Old Regular Baptist Church.


John A. Farmer and his brother Osmond (Oss) both served during the Civil War, but on opposite sides.  I don’t have any information that they were ever present at the same battle.  I can’t help but wonder though, how could they look across the field of battle and not wonder if one of the soldiers facing them from the other side might be their brother?

Pike County Kentucky 1890 Special Census of
Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and Widows
Enumerated June 1890

Precinct No. 13
House   Soldier             Rank,             Company and Unit                        

121    John Farmer          Private,           Co. K.     39th KY   Infantry ( Union Army )

123     Oss Farmer            Lieutenant     Co. C.     19th KY    Infantry. ( Confederate Army )


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howard said...

i have just been informed that john a farmer was my great great great grandfather. my email is h.farmer17@gmail.com

James Ratliff said...

My mother is Anna Hackney. Her father is Linel Hackney the son of Rufus and Rosa F Farmer Hackney mentioned above. My Facebook link is www.facebook.com/kentclarkson.77 Everyone is welcome to send me inquiries. Rosa had 4 daughters Mary Melster, Martha, Annamel, Alma Zel as well as two sons who lived Basil and my papaw Linel. She also had two other boys who died one in child birth if my research is correct and the other was my papaw's twin whose name is Clinard who died around two about a year before Rosa who was said to have died in childbirth with Alma Zel. Shortly after Rufus deserted his children and my papaw was little more than a slave for some time from before the age of 5. Later in life he and most his siblings stayed in touch or I wouldn't know any of this as these poor children are ghosts in the records in trying to connect them to that family. What's worse his father's last name shouldn't have been Hackney as an Owens man sired the unwed Mary Jane Hackney's children including Alexander the father of Rufus. My papaw picked himself up and raised seven children and owned land along with his spouse, my Mamaw Ilene Ward Hackney. Any info is appreciated even conflicting info as most of these threads the few they are aren't correct because of the stories I just explained. Thank you and if we're related send me a friend request. God bless