April 15, 2007

Sherwood Mullins 1790

( Clyde's G-G-G-G-Grandfather )

Sherwood MULLINS
Born:  1790
Died: Dec. 3, 1881 in Bold Camp of the Pound, Wise Co., VA
Father:  James (Old Booker) MULLINS
Mother:  Nancy Jane Stanley

Sherwood married
Mary (Polly) ROBERTS
   1800 in Russell Co, VA
Died:    1864
Father:  James Roberts
Mother:  Nancy Damron

Sherwood and Mary had the following children:

    • Nancy Mullins was born in 1815 in Floyd Co, KY and died on 4 Apr 1885 in Wise Co., Virginia. Nancy married Hiram Cantrell, son of Abraham Cantrell and Ann, on 14 Mar 1833 in Pike Co, KY. (Hiram Cantrell was born in 1812-1817 in Spartansburg, SC and died on 4 Apr 1856 in Wise Co., Virginia.)
    • Jane 'Jennie' Mullins was born in 1815 in KY. Jane married Harvey Robinson on 4 Mar 1838 in Pike Co, KY. (Harvey Robinson was born in Pike Co, KY and died on 4 Mar 1858 in Caney Creek, Pike Co, KY.)

    • Booker Mullins was born in 1817 in Pike Co, KY and died in 1865 in Jenkins, Letcher Co, KY

    • James Sheridan Mullins was born in 1816-1820 in KY and died on 6 Jun 1894 in Bold Camp of the Pound, Wise Co, VA

    • Andrew 'Brandy Jack' Mullins was born on 28 Feb 1824 and died on 12 Apr 1917 in Caney Ridge, Dickenson Co, VA

    • Henry J Mullins was born on 18 Feb 1825 in Letcher Co, KY and died on 7 Feb 1921 in Dickenson Co. Virginia

    • Marshall 'Big Foot' B Mullins was born in 1826 in Pike Co, KY, died on 10 Sep 1875 and was buried in Pound, Wise Co, VA

    • Elizabeth Mullins was born in 1828 in KY

    • John L Mullins ( Ted's ancestor ) was born on 15 Sep 1828 in Pike Co, KY and died in 1870-1871 in Pike Co, KY

    • John William Wesley Mullins was born in 1828 in KY. John married Servilla Maggard on 30 May 1850 in Letcher Co, KY. (Servilla Maggard was born in 1830.)

    • Solomon Mullins was born in 1829. Solomon married Matilda.

    • William Mullins was born in 1829. William married Sarah A Stanley on 12 Mar 1852 in Pike Co, KY.

    • Sherwood 'Sherad' Mullins Jr was born in 1832 in Pike Co, KY and died on 8 Feb 1892 in Wise Co, VA

    • Abraham Mullins was born in Nov 1837 in Floyd Co, KY and died on 17 Sep 1916 in Wise Co, VA. Abraham married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' McPeek, daughter of George McPeek and Malinda Grey, in 1860 in Pike Co, KY. (Elizabeth 'Lizzie' McPeek was born in 1842 and died on 30 Mar 1920 in Wise Co, VA.)


In 1870, Sherwood and his wife, Polly, were living in Pike County, Kentucky. In 1880, Sherwood and his daughter, Nancy Cantrell (widow of Hiram Cantrell), were living in Wise County, Virginia with Nancy's son Levi Cantrell. Sherwood is buried on the Thomps Bogg Cemetery (also known as Shurd Mullins Cemetery) on the head of the Right hand Branch of the Meade Fork of Bold Camp about a half mile east of the Levi Cantrell Cemetery.


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Cheryl said...

Does anyone have a photo of sherwood & Mary Polly Robert Mulins together or separately? I have one for his father Booker & for his son Henry which is my G G G G Grandfather.

Scott said...

Hello Cheryl. I too am descended from Sherwood and Mary. If you have a photo of his father Booker I would certainly love to see it. I have lots of info on this family that I would share. You can e-mail me directly at


I hope to hear from you soon.